What’s the Difference Between Nespresso Vertuoline and Original line

First, let’s begin with the number one fact, Nespresso is undoubtedly the best one of a kind pod-based coffee brewer (well maybe it’s just my opinion, strong opinion). It was in 2014 that Nespresso launched their latest brewer the VertuoLine. This new as well as improved version came after years of excelling in capsule coffee so Nespresso lovers had all the more reason to rejoice! Or did they?

Nespresso VertuoLine vs Original machines – prior to buying a Nespresso espresso, first of all, you cannot cast a blind eye to Original machines as you got to make a decision as to which of the two systems best suits you. So what’s the difference between Nespresso vertuoline and original line? As for me I firmly believe one is better than the other. Which one? Read on and find out.

Three Main Differences

These three main differences between Nespresso vertuoline and the original line includes

  1. While original line brews only espresso and lungo, VertuoLine is the first machines to be made by Nespresso that brews espresso, lungo and coffee.
  2. The system of brewing espresso for Original Line involves the use of a pressure pump that is of 19 bar typical of most espresso machines. On the other hand, VertuoLine utilizes the latest brewing technology called Centrifusion. Don’t worry I will tell you how it works. In layman’s, it rapidly spins the capsule and at the same time forces water to go through it
  3. Last on the main differences (i.e according to me), their line of capsules are entirely different as the VertuoLine uses those of new range compared to Original Line.

Now that we are done with my main differences as a coffee aficionado, let us go to the other differences.

Serving Size

With OriginalLine machines there comes an offering of two brew sizes: espresso OF 1.35 oz and lungo of 3.70 oz. There are also some that offer a ristretto shot of 0.70 oz. VertuoLine machines also offer the same the only difference being that they have an additional ability to brew a full cuppa of up to 17 oz.


VertuoLine uses a combination of barista coffee kind of brewing preparation with those of traditional techniques producing coffee that is smooth, rich as well as highly aromatic just to name a few of its qualities. One thing for sure it will stimulate your taste buds.

Original Line, on the other hand, is designed for perfecting Espresso thanks to its 19-bar system that I mentioned earlier if I didn’t lose you. It is this high-pressure technology that releases basically all of those favourite tantalizing aromas that are contained in coffee capsules hence that smooth authentic cuppa cup after cup.

The verdict

Well the differences notwithstanding, the bottom line is that both Nespresso Vertuoline and Original line offer you cheaper drinks in comparison to a coffee shop. And let’s not forget you still get to experience that gentle morning singsong of the grinding and brewing of coffee beans. I don’t know about you but nothing makes my morning more than that coffee hail marry.