Whats the difference between men and women’s crossbows

Crossbow is a kind of ranged weapon in the group of the bow and has a horizontal arrangement of bow-like construction fixed on a frame and held like a gun. It is useful in shooting by the use of quarrels. In the past, it had several names derived from a ballista. Crossbows were a vital weapon during the warfare of East Asia and also in Medieval Europe. The first crossbow was invented by the ancient Chinese causing a significant distinction in the use of projectile weapons. Currently, this weapon’s functions have been replaced by firearms although they are still being used in sports and hunting. It does not produce any noise.

What’s the difference between men and women’s crossbows? The main difference comes regarding size and weight. Women’s crossbow is light and small as compared to that for men. Women, men and children’s crossbow are the same in the making. The manufacturers understand best what fits women and men. This is because in most cases women use a crossbow for leisure, for instance, shooting sports and even bow hunting. For men, they use to perform hard work like for security purposes and hunting.

The composition of a crossbow

Crossbow-maker is called arbalest. Projectiles used in crossbow are the bolt, arrow and also quarrel. Bolts are shorter and heavier than arrows, the weight determines the speed it can move and the size of the crossbow to be used. It uses a bow called lath or sometimes called prod which came into use at around 19th century caused by poor translation of rod at around 16th century. The bow on a wooded body called the stock. The instrument used to release projectile is called a lock, and this comprises of a string, sears, a trigger lever, and housing.

Construction of a crossbow

A crossbow is a bow fixed on a lengthen stock. A crossbow comes in different ways depending on the origin of the maker. Chinese trigger crossbow was constructed with a vertical lever with four bronze fixed on two bronze rods. The bows were composed of composite material from the beginning. European crossbows design appeared to be a transverse slot on the surface of the make, down onto which a string was placed. The make was redesigned for betterment with a nut. The nut had a vertical Centre slot aimed at bolt with an intersecting axial hole for a string, with a lower face where trigger sits. They used a wooden bow, but composite bow came to use in the 13th century. Later steel was widely used.

Uses of a crossbow as compared with a bow

Although crossbows are no longer in use in assassinations, they have other several ways of use. To start with, it is used by the Peruvian army of America to build zip-line in hard landscapes. The CIGS from Brazils are taught to use crossbows. When ordinary bows are compared to crossbows, crossbows are seen to release a lot of force and could shout a longer distance. They could also hold tension for a long time. It was too easy to use hence was more effective with little training. One of its limitations is that it is heavier than bows.