What You Should Consider Before Purchasing an Air Purifier

We have to face the fact that we are living in a world where the air we breathe isn’t as clean as we think it is. Sure, it was almost pristine a couple of centuries ago but the rapid industrialization and technological advancements served as the catalyst to making our air less breathable. The news of European air being sold in smog-riddled cities might sound ridiculous for now, but give it a decade or two and it’s no longer a laughing matter but a competing market.


On that note, it’s never a bad idea in today’s context to buy air purifiers for the home. However, just because they’re useful and pretty soon – invaluable – doesn’t mean that homeowners should just run off to the nearest store and get themselves several units. There are a few important things to consider avoiding buying purifiers that fail to do the job well. Here are some things to consider.

1. Which room will the purifier be used in? Everyone knows that rooms in the house aren’t all of the same sizes. Which means that when one intends to buy an air purifier, considering the coverage of the model they’re opting for should come into consideration. Usually, smaller means less room coverage, but there are models in the market that work extremely well given their small sizes. Size is also an important consideration when homeowners value their interior design and living space optimization. This may cause a bit of an inconvenience when buying purifiers for the entire home, but it’s well worth it.

2. Safety first. A considerable number of air purifiers in the market use UV light to kill off airborne bacteria. But one of the biggest concerns with UV is that frequent exposure is bad for the skin and for overall health. Fortunately, there are brands that implement effective safety measures to prevent UV rays from escaping the purifier. A simple enclosure usually works well. Sadly, not all purifiers are particularly keen on addressing the UV concern. Read reviews to make sure the model you’d own keeps UV rays at bay.

3. How much are you willing to shell out? For a smaller household, stretching the budget won’t be that troublesome. Larger homes, especially with generous ceiling heights, buying air purifiers might add up to a considerable amount. While some would argue that anyone who can afford a big house can afford lots of air purifiers, shaving off a few hundred bucks from overall cost is a big help. Check out brands and models with reasonable prices. Visit reputable stores and see more here if there are great options available.

4. Buying from an online store. In an age where Internet makes it possible for businesses to operate on a global scale, passing up on the opportunity to buy online is, well, wasted opportunity. The benefit of having plenty of options in itself is reason enough to consider purchasing from an online store. Oh and imagine the convenience of having two or more boxes delivered straight to your doorstep instead of loading it from the store – to your car – to your living room.