What to look for when buying a safe

What to look for when buying a safe

We all cannot imagine getting home and finding our most precious possessions destroyed by fire or missing. This can happen to anyone. Luckily, you can get yourself a safe which will protect against these mishaps. You have a lot of things to put into consideration before buying a safe. Some of these things include the desired purpose of the safe, the features of the safe and how much one is willing to spend. Click here to find out more.

A good safe is one which has the right storage capacity, size, fire protection, and warranty at a reasonable price. This is what you need to look for when buying a safe:


This should come first when finding the best safe that will fit the available space in your home or office. Depending on what you plan to keep in the safe, research on the best safe model you can get without greatly eating into your budget or causing transportation inconveniences.

Fire ratings

You should go for a safe with good fire rating; it should be ETL verified. This is important to safeguard what is in the safe in the event of a fire.

Gun capacity/storage capacity

If the safe is for storing jewellery or guns or documents, you should identify the right safe with the appropriate storage capacity. You will need a small model for storing small items such as gold, money, jewellery, documents and a handgun. For a gun collection, you need to go for a bigger model to store the riffles.

Identifying features of the safe

The main features of the safe include the door, doorframe, locks and more. Do a small research on these features before purchasing a safe. Each safe is unique in its own features but you should go for a safe which offers the highest level of security.

Safety of possessions

Imagine coming home and finding your precious possessions lost or damaged due to burglary or fire. You need to get a safe with a secure lock. There are a lot of locks in the market: go for one that meets your requirements. You can get one with a digital keypad where you just enter your pin to unlock or manual keys which are least secure because they can easily be altered. For a safe with manual key, it is wise to get a set of duplicate keys first. Some safes have a biometric fingerprint lock which is the safest but more expensive. They work by reading the fingerprints of the individual who has access to the safe. Combination lock: this is one of the oldest types of locks where you enter the combination to unbolt the safe. This code is normally preset by the developer of the safe.


This is a very important aspect. You need to check the warranty offered for the safe. You need to go for one with a lifetime warranty: and or a repair warranty. in an ideal world, you would not need to use this warranty when you get a good quality safe; but it is so much relaxing knowing that you can replace your safe in case of anything.