What Makes a Blender ‘High-Quality’?

For a smoothie lover, the quality of a blender makes a difference in creating a tasty and smooth blend of healthy concoction. If you are one of the millions of smoothie lovers around the globe, you are probably searching for a buying guide to help you find the best blender to support your healthy ritual.


Searching for the best blender is not easy. There are countless blender brands in the market with unique aspects. Each one of them differs in size, programmed settings, blade technology, and power rating. You have to consider these options before making a purchase decision. Aside from consulting product review sites like Prime Shop Kitchen for the top blender brands of 2018, you have to use the above aspects to determine the best blender for your healthy diet.

Here are the considerable qualities of a blender as you browse for a product to purchase.

Power Rating and Wattage

The horsepower and wattage of a blender have a huge impact on its performance. The ideal blender features a high power rating. A blender with high peak horsepower and operating power can pulverize all types of an ingredient from soft food to hard ingredients such as ice. Using a blender with low power rating to crush hard food will break the blades and the whole equipment. Also, it does not offer the consistency and smooth texture a smoothie should have.


Every smoothie lover has unique preferences over blender size. For a solo dweller, purchasing a smaller blender is more economic friendly. However, if you are the type of person who often has guests, you might want to consider a larger blender. With this, you can prepare food in huge quantities at once.

Blade Technology

There are blenders that feature dual direction blade technology. This innovative feature adds more power to the blender’s performance. It supports faster and smoother chopping and grinding of the ingredients. Moreover, this technology offers precision and control on the blending process.

Pre-Programmed Settings

Most blender manufacturers prominently display their product’s pre-programmed settings. The more program settings and speed option a blender can offer, the more it looks appealing to a buyer. The preset programs of a blender allow you to choose whether to blend or crush the ingredients. It also helps you to control the speed of the blending process.

Dishwasher Friendly

One feature that most buyers forget when choosing a blender is dishwasher safe label. Not all blenders are dishwasher friendly. It might damage the quality of the blender including its design. On the other hand, a dishwasher-safe blender is easier to maintain. Moreover, it is longer-lasting compared to blenders without this feature.

Take note that the above features are useful in searching for the best blender for your healthy and delicious smoothie ritual. And, as you keep on browsing for a blender, do not forget to visit reliable product review sites like the Prime Shop Kitchen. This informative website has all the details you need to know when searching for a blender. Also, check out the top-selling blenders of 2018 with their specifications from this source.