What are the best synthetic motor oil brands

Motor oil is known as the engine’s lifeblood which is, if it is not there it the moving parts will overheat and eventually fail. The motor oil cools, cleans, lubricates then maintains the engine on run even at high performance. However, establishing the best synthetic oil might be a challenge. For you to establish the best synthetic oil, below are some of the factors to consider: Also,feel free to checkout more here.



This simply refers to flow resistance of the oil. It’s commonly referred to as the thickness of the oil. The viscosity of synthetic oils is clearly written on the oil’s bottle. For instance, a bottle would read 10W – 40. The first figure represents viscosity at winter and the other viscosity at hot temperatures.

When it’s hot, the oil will thinning and thicken when hot. If the first number is low be sure of getting oil more resistant to thickening at cool temperatures. If the 2nd number is quite higher, be sure of getting oil quite more resistant to thinning at hotter temperatures.


These generally are added substances to motor oil for its improving. Almost all synthetic oils have these additives and they aid boost aspects such as viscosity, improve lifespan and increase properties of cleaning.

Mileage and cost

Synthetic oils cost and mileage which it takes your car are important consideration factors. The better ones would be the ones going for relatively lower cost but yielding some good mileage. For best results, incorporate perfect oil filter in the two to achieve perfect results.

Other factors considered in coming up with best brands include brand reputation and customer satisfaction. Some of the best three ranked synthetic oils in this year include:

1. Signature Assoil Series

This is a class leading oil with lubrication abilities which prevent wearing of the engine and also the leading and trusted brand for lubrication of vehicles. The synthetic oil can also be sued for high mileage. However, the oils are costly and can only be purchased from the company’s site.

2. Ultra Pennzoil Platinum

Pennzoil uses PurePlus Patented technology to yield the synthetic oil hence coming up with oil with excellent base purity. It is an extremely good lubrication and cleaning oil fit for the fuel economy. However, it’s also quite expensive compared to other brands in the market.

3. Extended Mobile Performance

Priced at a relative price the mobile extended oil works excellently in giving anti-wear capabilities in both high and low temperatures with a longer lifespan.