Types of tennis shoes

The society we are living in is full of so many games where tennis is one of the beloved game among the old and young generation, and everyone will enjoy playing tennis if they have the right shoes.These games have different types of shoes which were meant for men and women separately in the past, but in the current generation, some are designed for unisex.

Lace-up tennis shoes are unisex. These shoes have laces that are tied facing up. The laces on the shoes provide a good grip on someone’s foot and thus offers support. The manner in which one ties the shoelace depends on the trending swagger and exposure of a particular person. Click here to find out a lot more.


Synthetic type of shoes is a design that has been developed from traditional industry. The shoe is designed in various color’s that are attractive especially to women. The design has a better soaking capacity and is also elastic in their way.

For the heavy men, chunky sole shoes are the best. This is because the sole of this shoe is designed in a special way such that whenever one jumps up while running around the court, the sole can absorb any shock and thus this provides comfort and prevents injury to the player. They are often liked by men because they are heavy.

Casual shoes like the brown shoe are also liked so much especially by men. The shoe is the best since dust can’t be easily noticed like the white ones. The shoe also has a cooler inside and thus highly preferred. We also have the white tennis shoe that easily holds dust and dirt on them. The white shoes are unisex, and once one is outside the court with the shoe, he or she looks much worn out.

Colourful tennis shoes are used mostly by current generation especially the ladies. These shoes have different colors that are often luring to so many young stars to participate in the games. Hardcourt type of shoes has been designed to give a good grip, especially on hard courts. They provide good comfort to the competitors during training and also during the actual competition time.

Another type is the outsole type of shoe. It has good cushioning and also a larger sole that provides comfort to the participant. They are mostly liked by women because they are very light and attractive in color. Types of tennis shoes are a higher number that can’t be exhausted easily.