Tubeless MTB Tires: The Pros And Cons

Tubeless MTB tires have their pros and cons, and you must take a look at this list before you start making these big decisions. Most people who are trying to get the right kind of tires need to remember that not all tires are made the same. You must choose the tired that fit into your budget, but you should consider that you save money at times when you invest more in certain kinds of tires. The pros are listed first, and the cons come after you try to think of which tires are best for you.

The Pros

Tubeless MTB ties pros and cons are very easy to track because they are so obvious. You can avoid punctures when you have tubeless tires, and you will find that they are much stronger. Tubeless tires do not bend and flex like other tires, and they have a little bit more surface area because of how they are made. Tubeless tires are made so that you can fit them easily onto any rim, and they are made with a much higher grade rubber because of the design that must be used. You can use tubeless tires when you are not willing to spend so much money on spares, but you will find that you have some drawbacks once you have bought tubeless tires.

The Cons

The cons of tubeless tires are the expense and the service. You have to spend more money on these tires, and you have to be willing to pay for the convenience of never getting a puncture. However, they also need servicing that could be very hard for you to do. You will pay to keep up your bike every year, and it all helps you make sure that you can even out your spending. You do not want to be stuck on a trail if the tire bursts, and you might not be very close to your spares when the time comes. This means that you are paying for the convenience, but you might not find that convenience all that good for you because it could be the point where you just cannot afford to keep them up every year.

Who Needs Tubeless Tires?

Everyone could stand to have tubeless tires, but that does not mean you need them. Someone who goes to trails every day to ride might want to spend the money on tubeless tires because they know that they need something that is going to hold up. The rider who only spends a few hours on their bike a week could avoid these tires because they take too much time to maintain.


The tubeless tires that you get for your bike will help you avoid flats, but you need to remember that you can buy these tires right now, never change them, and do a little service on them. If that is all too expensive, you can go with regular tires that you need to keep filled with air while on the road.