Top Picks for the Best Foosball Tables

We all have a soft spot for anything that provides entertainment. Now that we have cell phones, tablets, laptops and computers, playing games is easier than ever. There is no need to stay in one place because you can now do it on the bus, while walking or while at work. This can be fun but sometimes draining. Nothing beats the fun and excitement that personal interaction and engagement brings.


If you are looking for something that can make that possible, you can check this post: . Foosball tables are popular because it can be played by multiple players. This is engaging, competitive and thrilling to play. It has been here for decades and people are starting to revive their childhood memories by getting on of their own. If you are looking for a foosball table to purchase, here are the top rated models that you can go for.

Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Outdoor Foosball Table. It is made of chromium plated rods that keeps the players in place. This is made of marine plywood with laminated plastic for the playfield making it very easy to wash. This is waterproof and durable. It has black, nylon leg levelers for balance, a vinyl liner and table cover. Playing the game is easy because it comes with instructions and game accessories that you can use.

It comes with ten standard balls and is an excellent option for outdoor setup. This is resistant to sun damage and water so you do not have to worry about keeping it outside for barbecue and outdoor parties. You do not have to worry about the ink fading too because it is painted on the board itself. This is easy to assemble and is definitely worth the buck.

The KETTLER Montecristo Outdoor Foosball Table. This is equipped with corner and side rails to prevent the balls from going overboard. It has a laminate, a frame with a black border and a wood cabinet that gives off that rustic feel. It has a melamine playing field with anti-rust chromium plated rods. The players are molded into the rod so you are guaranteed a durable set.

This item is made in Italy. This also gives you a convenient time while playing ass the ball goes up the sloped edges and will come right back to the center of the game for every round. This is part of the ball drop and ball box feature. With all this in place, you would know that you are getting it at an affordable price.

These are just two of the most popular models that a lot of users have noted worthy of their price. If you want to start adding fun and spice into your daily routine, purchase one of these two and enjoy a closer bond with your house or workmates. This is a good ice breaker for a dull and boring day. This also makes a great activity for parties of any kind. Place it inside or outside, you decide.