Tips to dry out your winter gloves fast

Cold winters and busy lifestyles:

What do you do on a cold, blustery day, when the rain or snow has pelted you until you’re sopping wet and has left you with no hope of drying yourself out? What do you do when you need to go out again but the rain has already drenched your clothes so that they’re now soaked through and through?

Cold winters aren’t really compatible with busy lifestyles, are they? Alas, in this day and age most of us have busy lifestyles whether we like it or not! The rain and snow is no excuse to stay at home and sit in front of the fire with a mug of cocoa when you have places to go and people to see. But how can you expect to go out in the chilling winds and biting colds, when all your warm weather gear has been rained on to the point where it looks like you might have to go to your appointments in your pyjamas because you have nothing left?

Stop right there! There are solutions!

Tips to dry out your winter gloves fast:

The quickest, easiest way to get your winter gloves dried out fast is to take an ordinary empty jar and pull the gloves over the bottom. In addition to making the jar look more fashionable than it has ever looked before, this will also stretch out the fabric so that it’s no longer bundled up and compressed. Place the newly-gloved jar on top of a radiator and simply wait. Within minutes, the warm air will have dried out the fabric of your gloves so you can put them on again – and they’ll also be cosy and warm, keeping your hands protected for longer. Feel free to read more here.

Alternatively, you can roll up some newspaper or paper towels and place them inside the gloves before you put them on the radiator. The paper will soak up the excess water, leaving your gloves bone dry.

Another method, if you want to get the job done even faster, is to turn the gloved inside out and then pull them open and hold their openings wide. You could use a curtain ring for this. Blow a hair-drier into the glove and it will quickly start to dry out, and before long they will be dry enough to wear again.

And if you don’t care about fashion, there’s always the foolproof preventative method: where kitchen rubber gloved over the top of your winter warmers when you go outside, and they’ll keep the fabric of your gloves nice and dry. (You could always take them off just before you get to where you’re going, that way no one will see you… interesting fashion choices!)

If all else fails, buy two pairs of gloves and rotate them. Then you’ll always have a spare pair for when the pair you’re wearing gets drenched through.


So there we have it – five methods for getting your winter warmers fresh and dry as quickly as possible! We hope you found it helpful!