The 5 Best 6.5 Speakers for your car In 2018

In spite of your preferred music, your car speakers play a significant role in your daily travels during your road trips. Upgrading your sound system will not only be the easiest way to bring new life into your car, but it will also be one of the most satisfying things to do. However, selecting the right speakers for your vehicle can be challenging because of the endless choices on the market from different manufacturers across the world. Click here for more detailed information.

A good pair of 6.5-inch speakers will boost the quality of music, allow you to increase the volume, bring more clarity of music, and add a little bass while reducing any distortions. Here is a list of the five best 6.5-inch car speakers for your car in 2018 to assist you in selecting the ideal product for your vehicle stereo.

Infinity Reference 6032cf

The Infinity Reference 6032cf is a two-way, high-performance speaker with a capacity to handle 60 watts RMS and 180-watts peak power. Its Plus One woofer cones have a bigger surface area than the ordinary cones giving you more efficient car speakers that produce a strong bass sound. It also comes with edge-driven dome tweeters that help in generating a clear sound as well as better power handling.

Polk Audio DB651

The Polk Audio DB651 is a marine certified pair of speakers, meaning they are extremely durable to withstand any severe conditions out on the water. This aspect makes these speakers ideal for use on a watercraft. The polymer compound cones are light-weight and rigid to produce a great sound without any distortions. The swivel-mount tweeter delivers high leveling of sound, and they also feature a 2-layer voice coil which is incredibly durable to withstand extreme temperatures.

Kicker 40CS654

These are two-way coaxial speakers, and they are a good choice for improving the sound system of your car. These speakers can handle 200-watts RMS and 600-watts peak power. The small baskets make them ideal for almost all vehicles. Their polypropylene woofer provides powerful bass and excellent sound clarity as well as durability. These speakers lightweight and also durable and they utilize Extended Voice Coil Technology for excessive heat handling.

Pioneer TS-A1675

Pioneer is popularly known for its high-quality items, and these car speakers are not an exception. These speakers feature a three-way speaker and a multi-layer mica matrix cone. This cone is made of a combination of materials that make it pretty rigid to give a clear sound. The Pioneer TS-A1675 also features elastic polymer encloses for high sensitivity and a heat-resistant coil wire that provides perfect heat dissipation. These speakers come with a 50 watts RM and a 300 watts peak power and they are also water-resistant and light in weight.

Kenwood KFC-1695PS

These speakers are a great affordable option and the best when it comes to the highest rated 6½ inches car speakers. The Kenwood KFC-1695PS are three-way performance series levels mount coaxial speakers. These speakers feature tweeters and a paper cone which generates excellent sound quality. They have a 75-watts RMS power and 320 watts of peak power. Weighing only 4 pounds, these speakers are light and extremely durable to last as well. If you are searching for high-quality, affordable and sustainable car speakers, then these are an excellent option.