How to Create a Peaceful Personal Space

A comfortable and peaceful environment feels good and everyone craves for such a space. It is important to have a peaceful space that is very calm even if it is your office or your bedroom at home. We can all agree that an overwhelming space can be so hard to help you relax. Once you are aware of what makes you feel relaxed, it is easier to create a comfortable environment. Here are some few tips.



Music is comforting so have some music in the background to make your space comfortable. Have a source of music in your house that has your best playlist, install a double din radio in your car because you will realize that you spend most of the time in your car so it should also be as relaxing as possible. You can have speakers in your office too with very soft music that you can play when you need a break from the work stress, your office is your space too, make it as comfy as you can. Simple, add some sound!

Declutter your space

Clutter and calm can’t work together, so clear the clutter from your space. Clear your living room, bedroom, your office desk, your car and any other space you spend time in. remove anything that is unnecessary. You can put them somewhere hidden or you can decide to do away with them permanently.

Use the power of memories

Some moments we share with our loved ones that are worth remembering. We capture such events in pictures or having a souvenir to mark such memories. Now such photos and souvenirs can play a big role in making our space cal. Place the photos and souvenir somewhere you can see them. This works to make your environment cool and peaceful.

Add life

Yes, add life, literally. Add some live plants to your personal space. Although this may take a lot of effort to keep alive, it is worth it because trees can be good to the soul. Plants like the snake plant and aloe are much easier to maintain. However if you are too busy to do even the slightest life-saving practices, you can have an artificial plant that looks so real, at least they can take of themselves and still help you feel at peace.


Add some scent to your place. Scents have a big effect to the calm of a place making you feel relaxed once you inhale. Play around with different scents until you find what scent you like the most. Scented candles and essential oils can be a great source of sweet smelling, relaxing aroma.


Color plays a major role in determining the mood of your space. Know the colors you like and incorporate that in your space. I like green to compliment with the trees in the house and grey that make my space feel cool and orange, a bright color to make the room brighter giving it a happy mood. Know the colors you love and blend them well in your space to create the good mood.