How Beneficial Are Vacuum Sealers In Preserving Food?

Using vacuum sealers to preserve food had been the norm since the 40s. People used them to prolong the shelf life of various food and food products, as well as prevent them from spoiling. They have also been used to transport food even over long distances without worrying about molds, bacteria and fungus.


These days, vacuum sealers are still being used by many for the exact same reasons.

Preventing Growth of Bacteria

Molds, fungus and bacteria thrive and multiply with the help of oxygen. By using vacuum sealed packets or containers, these unwanted elements are deprived of oxygen. This would delay the food from getting discolored, having rotten smells, and also having slimy residues that obligate bacteria, fungal spores and mold could cause.

Preventing Freezer Burn

When food stays in the freezer or the fridge for too long, the moisture inside it would become ice crystals. These crystals then would turn to vapor and move up to the surface where it could evaporate easily or freeze again. The food might not rot, but it would be dehydrated and would lose its taste and texture. With vacuum sealers, the moisture in the food stays intact and could not evaporate. With this, the food would still have its taste and the texture would be maintained.

Preventing Diseases From Bacteria

People would often get different kinds of illnesses from the food they eat. Some food may not have been stored properly and bacteria could easily thrive in them. These diseases can sometimes be fatal depending on the strain of bacteria that had touched it. With the use of quality vacuum sealers, food is safe from the outside elements that could harm people that eat them. Since there are no possible entrances, aside from the freshness of the food being locked in, bacteria from the outside also couldn’t enter.

Prolonging Shelf Life

The shelf life of food would depend on what food is stored, where it is kept and how it is packed for storage. Fish, for example, would only last for three days at most if stored in a conventional way. But, it would last for about a week if kept inside a vacuum sealer in the fridge. Some foods would even last up to five times longer if stored properly with the best vacuum sealer.

Though most vacuum sealers are especially made to serve their purpose, it is still important to know how to choose one that would make your food last even longer. Your choice would depend on the size and the quantity of the food you are storing. You can check out this comparison of the Ziploc vacuum sealer and the FoodSaver for you to learn more.

In conclusion, using vacuum sealers to preserve food is still the best choice as they would prevent food poisoning caused by bacteria, molds and fungus. Also, they can prolong the shelf life of your food and keep it fresh. Knowing how to properly store your food would keep you wasting food and would help you save up.