Distinguishable Factors Between Flat And Bow Front Aquariums

When choosing the best fronts for your selected tanks, we can research and read about the differences between bow fronted tanks and flat aquariums. Getting adequate information and knowledge is crucial just before you make your final decision. The main and common difference between the two mentioned types of aquariums is the aesthetic even though the features are the same and require same maintenance routines.

Bow front aquariums are a lot interesting and provide a unique perspective of the inhabitants in the tank. This makes them appealing to look at. The distortion effect is not a bother especially to those who enjoy the magnifying effect it has on their fish.

Supportive stands

Typically, the flat front requires less space hence can be placed on a strong stand small. On the other hand, the bow front tank requires more space to place its stand, as it needs a larger stand to support the bulging front. This requires enough room in your house to accommodate the stand and the tank

Distinctive design

Following your interior design, whether unique or different, an aquarium with exclusive shape may perfectly fit your décor. The bow fronts are more distinctive compared to the flat front aquariums and can provide room for discussion as people may be drawn to ask you a lot questions concerning the tank.

Tight budget

If you are not operating on a tight budget or a bigger one for that matter, allocating to your aquarium hobby may not be the best option for you especially if you are targeting to buy the bow front tank. This is because, bow front tanks are usually much expensive than the flat front tanks and as we all know, smaller size is not the best in aquarium world. If you work on a smaller budget, it is wise to wait until you get enough funds to purchase the bow front tanks or alternatively buy the flat front tanks to get you going on your new hobby.


As mentioned earlier, bow front tanks are more expensive and this may be a hindrance to a beginner, who wants to make this a hobby or someone with same goals but working on a tight budget. The effect of the curved front means extra care was considered during manufacturing hence the high pricing. Unlike the bow front, flat fronts are affordable and are produced on larger scales.


Both the two types of fronts come in many sizes and gallons. Due to this reason, you may end up noticing that quite a good sum of money can get you a smaller sized bow front tank compared to flat front tanks that you can easily afford a huge tank using the same amount as the small bow front tank.

My take

It has been widely agreed that bow fronted tanks are the most preferred currently as they offer much compared to the flat front tanks. All this can be easily achieved after making the choice to read about the differences between bow fronted tanks and aquariums.