Different Types of Toilet Seats and Toilet Designs

Toilets designs have evolved over the years. It is now easier to get a toilet seat design comfortable to fit your needs. With the modification of design and the quality of materials used to make it, toilet seat brands are increasing in number.


With a toilet seat for comfort and a cover on top of the toilet, a toilet has two essential parts. The seat comes in a variety of colors to suit your needs. You can choose the color of the seat according to the interior of your house.

Materials differ; you can choose one according to durability and cost.

Types of toilet seats

Here are the different kinds of toilet seats according to design:

  • Elongated toilet seat

This kind of toilet is good if you like better sanitary conditions and space in your house. The best can be when it’s made of stainless steel.

This kind of toilet seat is mostly found in commercial building such as offices.

  • Standard close toilet seat

This type of toilet seat can fit a variety of bathrooms. It has a great design and comfortable because of the excellent finishing on it.

It is either traditional or modern in style.

  • Soft close toilet seat

From the name, it has springs to avoid the loud noise a toilet seat makes when it closes. The closing mechanism makes closing soft and quit.

This toilet is luxurious and suitable for a family that has children: to avoid injuries from the toilet seat cover.

  • Basic circular toilet seat

This type of design is familiar to most people because it’s found in most homes. Are mostly white and have a fantastic design. The seat is circular without any opening in its front.

Those are some of the toilet seats. There are more if you classify them according to materials used to make them and cost.

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Here are some of the designs of toilets:

  • Western water closet

This’s a European design of a modern toilet. A flash tank, which can either be plastic or ceramic material, is attached to the toilet. You only need to press a button in the flash tank to flush the toilet.

Its height is approximately 500MM and varying weight according to design. The water closet is open to make flushing effective.

  • Waterless toilets

This design of a toilet comes in handy for a situation where there is no water or water is scarce, such as when you go camping or when you’re in a worksite.

Instead of using water to flush, this type of toilet uses a receptacle beneath the toilet seat to collect and store waste. It is uncommon in modern houses, though.

  • Gravity-feed toilet

From the name, it uses the force of gravity to flush by use of siphoning action.

Flushing is easy: You are required to press a valve that allows water to flow into the bowl and clean the waste into the trap way.