Caring for Shower Speakers

Music, as they say, is the universal language since it is understood no matter what dialect is used. It is also said by many music lovers that music heals everything. In fact, most of us have a certain song that we listen to when we are moving on from a broken relationship. Some of us would also remember certain heartbreaks and happy moments once we hear a certain song.


Music is also one of the ways by which we cannot get bored when doing something, even when taking a shower or bathing. Nothing can really explain how music enters our hearts and minds. That is the reason why every day, a new song is released. As such, the market for music players, headphones, speakers, and earphones is growing.

Additionally, experts have been able to produce speakers that are portable and waterproof enough to be carried inside the shower room, used in the swimming pool, or even brought during camping and hiking adventures. Most of you might already own one or more shower speakers, but unfortunately, some have been damaged quickly because of improper handling or care.

Hence, below, we will give you some tips on how you can take care of your shower speaker.

Shower Speaker Care and Maintenance

  • Keep it Dry

Basically, they are designed to survive exposure to water sprinkling, splashing, and soaking, depending on their waterproof rating. However, as ironic as it may sound, yes, you have to keep your shower speakers dry.

What we mean here is that you must make sure that you dry out the speaker after you use it. Leaving it to air dry is also a good practice after you have to wipe it off. This will ensure that when you store it, moisture will form from any parts of it, causing mold and mildew growth.

  • Charge it Properly

As you can see from the number of shower speakers available at, they are rechargeable or operated via a battery. With that said, like any other rechargeable electronics, you must make sure that you charge the speaker according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

For instance, if the manual says you have to initially charge it for four hours, then upon purchase, you have to charge it at that time without interruption or using it. Additionally, you must also make sure that you recharge it before it even gets empty.

  • Check Parts Before Exposing to Water

Most of the time shower speakers have charging and input/output ports wherein they have a special cover. This means that have to open it before you can plug the earphone, memory card, USB, or charger. The reason for that is for them not to be exposed to water since they can be an area wherein water can enter inside the speaker.

With that said, before bringing your shower speaker in the bathroom, under the rain, or swimming pool, you have to make sure that all these necessary covers have been properly closed.

Final Words

What does all the information above give you? It reminds you that although these speakers are protected from water, you shouldn’t be too careless when using and storing them. Also, you have to always read and understand the manual.