Awesome Projector Screens for Movie Lovers

Hanging out with one’s family and friends can be so much fun when spent outdoors. One good thing people can do is build a bonfire, stargaze, or watch a movie outside while sipping on their favorite wine.


With today’s technology, building a theater outdoors has become so much easier. There is no need to pull out everything from one’s theater room and set it up outside. All you need to do is to invest in a good outdoor projector screen and that’s it!

To those people who wanted to set up an outdoor theater in their backyard, this post will surely help them find the right outdoor theater screen they will need. Three projector screens with different key features will be featured which will surely suit your preference.

GBTIGER 120 inch Outdoor Movie Projector Screen with Bag, 120″ 16:9

When people talk about an outdoor movie theater, some would first think that they will need a bigger space. But for those people who don’t have enough room in their backyard, they may invest in this outdoor movie screen. With this movie projector screen, there is no need for people to prepare for stands like the usual outdoor movie screen because you can easily hang it anywhere with its eyelets.

Due to its design, it is lightweight with great quality which makes it is easy for people to just fold it and place it in their bags if they wanted to bring this outdoor movie screen to their friend’s or family member’s backyard.

Visual Apex Projector Screen 144″ 4K Portable Indoor/Outdoor Movie Theater Fast-Folding Projector

Movie lovers would surely love this movie theater projector screen. If people still have a space in their backyard, they can set this up there ahead of time and make room for its stand and other stuff people will need; such as the projector and the snacks you will need while watching the movie. For those people who are fond of watching HD videos, they may enjoy it now outdoors because of the black outline design of the projector screen which beautifully frames the movie.

There is also no need to worry about possibly staining the projector screen because its material is washable. Also, included in the whole package upon purchase is the stand of the projector screen. All you need to do is set this up and prepare the movie you would want to watch.

Varmax Portable Projector Screen for Home and Outdoor Movie and Presentation 100 inch 16:9

People can be very specific with what they want in a projector screen. For those who are looking for a screen where they get to experience watching a movie like they are in a real movie theater, this projector screen might be the one they are looking for.

Its black edge is the highlight feature of this projector screen because it provides a clear view to whoever will use the screen. One thing people also like in this screen is they can easily disassemble the set-up and store it if they don’t need to use it anymore. But regardless of this specific feature, it is surprisingly lightweight which makes it easy for people to carry it around.