Awesome Facts You Should Know About Dehumidifier

Having some basic knowledge about how a dehumidifier works will ensure you enjoy the optimum benefits of having one. You probably know that the dehumidifier just like any other electrical device is prone to factors that can cause damage. You will therefore be required to take appropriate maintenance measures so that it can serve you for a life time. It is important for you to know the components used in making the dehumidifier so that you can use it correctly and also know when it requires to be repaired. Here are some of the common equipment found in most of the modern dehumidifiers.


Most manufacturers now design dehumidifiers that have an automatic humidistat. You can use this component to adjust the amount of humidity until it suits your personal level of comfort. The dehumidifier automatically switches of once it attains the level of humidity that you desire. It will cycle back on immediately when the amount of humidity begins to increase again. You can learn more about how the humidistat work from this post.

A water bucket float is another important component found in modern dehumidifiers. It is used to monitor the level of water inside the dehumidifier so as to prevent an overflow from happening. There is a lot of heat produced in the dehumidifier and this causes the water to expand and increase in volume. As a result, the level of water in the water bucket rises. The water bucket float signals the float switch once the water reaches at optimum level. This will make sure that the water does not over flow and spill on to the floor. It is advisable to replace the water bucket float once you notice the water bucket of your dehumidifier is overflows when you switch it on.

Most modern dehumidifiers are designed with a feature that is commonly known as a sensor assembly. This component is quite different from the automatic humidistat. It is responsible for monitoring the level of temperature and the amount of humidity in the atmosphere. This data helps the dehumidifier to control the rate of collection of humidity and water in the air. You should replace the sensor assembly if you notice that it indicates the water bucket is full even when it’s not.

The main air filter is a component found in the modern and traditional types of dehumidifier. As you probably know, a dehumidifier removes the dust particle from air before passing it through the coils. The main air filter is therefore very essential for people that are looking for a healthy quality of air. It also helps in ensuring that you get to use the dehumidifier for an extended period of time. You should replace your main air filter once you notice it does not function as effectively as is supposed to.

A bucket filter is another important component found in a dehumidifier. It helps in trapping the stray impurities that get into the dehumidifier. You should note that the bucket filter is different from the main air filter. It usually placed somewhere inside the reservoir and you can get it once you remove your bucket filter. You should clean this component with warm water regularly so that it can function effectively.