Advantaged and disadvantages of electric and gas grills

Grills are increasingly becoming stable household equipment. Shopping for one can be quiet challenging as there are not only so many models available but also so many specs to assess. One of the most important aspects to look out for when shopping for a grill is whether it uses gas or electricity. Coal grilling is getting less popular as it is hard to contain the smoke in an enclosed area and yet some options offer the convenience of both indoor and outdoor grilling without all that hassle. Both electric and gas grills have pros and cons to it. Below is a comparison of the advantages and disadvantage of using electric and gas grills;

To start with electric grills have to be plugged into a source of power while gas grills use natural gas or propane. As long as there is a power port, you can grill anywhere with the electric grill. However, for the gas grill, you might be restricted to grilling only at home if your grill is connected to the home’s gas supply. You can carry a propane tank and grill anywhere if the grill is portable, but this may be a little bit dangerous especially if the gas leaks. Propane and natural gas are also not good for the environment and are unsustainable fuels.

One of the main advantages of the electric grill is that there isn’t much preparation needed. One has to plug it on simply, and within minutes you will be grilling as it also heats up quite fast. It also melts up the fat which drains to a drip tray which can be easily cleaned up. Most parts of the electric grill can be dismantled marking it a lot easier to clean. It is good for the environment but not so good if you are counting calories.

Electric grills are also available in various sizes hence allowing one to buy one that suits their needs. There is a smaller size suitable for one person and a larger one that can be used by a larger family.

They also come in different designs; some are open and others clamshell contact. The clamshell contact can be closed up to grill. The open grill is suitable for outdoor grilling. If you are a turkey or chicken lover, you can get the electric smokers meant for grilling whole chickens or turkeys.

Electric grills do not consume too much electric power and can withstand extreme outdoor temperatures.

The disadvantage of an electric grill is that it is not big on flavors as it cooks fast. If you want to savor the full flavor of your meats, then you should check for the other options.

On the other hand, the gas grill is smaller in size and mostly allows you to switch between propane and natural gas. The former is usually a bit cheaper.

Their main advantage is that they allow the user to cook using multiple burners, cook kebobs and one can even cook on an open flame. They are more like charcoal grills and will give retain all your food’s flavors.

They also have settings that will allow you to control the temperature while cooking.

In general, both grills have pros and cons that are almost parallel. Your pick should suit your lifestyle, budget, and use. Happy grilling!