4k Camcorders that Deserve Attention

4k camcorders have gained increased attention in the last couple of years but there still are voices that will tell you not to make such an investment. Their argument is that what you see on TV or even in IMAX is 2k. Well, who cares? If you are really passionate about photography and videography, then you need a 4k. You need it because:

  • It is four times the resolution of full HD
  • The results of editing will become less affected by degradation.
  • You’ll easier catch fleeting moments.
  • You’ll easier catch artistic moments.
  • It has some great supporting features such as multiple aspect ratios, bookmarking video frames and loop recording.

These are just some of the many reasons why we think that a 4k investment is a good idea. If you are so passionate about photography and videography, a 4k camcorder is going to be a great investment. You will not regret the choice of spending money on such a product, so don’t waste time anymore and check out the offer available on the market. The offer available on the market is quite diverse, so we recommend you to first do some reading about the best choices. The professionals at What Camcorders will help you have a good hard look at the top 4k camcorders, so check out their official website and learn more about the offer. They have a list of top choices now available on the market, excellent 4k camcorders which are worth every single penny. Here are a few details about some of them.

1. GoPro HERO6 Black- this is, without any doubts, a great pick thanks to the in-camera editing feature, the voice control and the one-button control. It has advanced features which make it easy to use and which will absolutely allow you to put your creation at work and shoot amazing videos. The price is great as well, so here’s one more reason why you should make the investment.

2. Sony Action Cam FDR-X3000- it will impress you with a sturdy shot and the underwater housing. The battery is a lithium-iron one and rechargeable and the camera comes with all sorts of fun accessories, such as a camcorder case, a mini tripod and even a lens cleaning kit. Professionals simply couldn’t find any cons for this camera, so if you are ready to invest a fair amount of money, don’t hesitate to opt for the Sony Action Cam FDR-X3000.

As you can see, there are good options available on the market and thinking that the GoPro HERO6, for example, costs around $400, you don’t even have to make a huge investment. You just need to check out the offer available so you can make sure of the fact that what you are going to buy is something that perfectly fits your needs and preferences. This is the main reason why we recommended you to turn your attention towards the official What Camcorder website. I know that you won’t make a bad investment by following the guidance of these experts.