The Top Benefits of Rival Range Blasters

Wondering why you should get hold of a Rival range blaster? If you or your kid love playing Nerf battled and are wondering about the Nerf weapons you could add to your collection, the Rival Range Blaster is one of the better options out there.


About the Rival Range Blaster

If you have been waiting to add a new level to your Nerf battles, then we have something for you. Aimed at adult enthusiasts of over 14 years, the Rival Range Blasters deliver a realistic experience with its better engineering and powerful shooting.

Are you wondering what makes them so special?

Let’s find out!

The Amazing Benefits of Rival Range Blasters

What are the top Rival Range Blasters benefits that make it stand out? Here is a look at why you would need them in your Nerf battles to help bast your opponents away!

  1. High Impact Round

The Rival Range Blasters use a new and innovative type of ammo. Instead of darts, you get small golf like balls that can load easily – in seconds. It’s this ability to reload the balls quickly that comes in real handy when you are playing Nerf battles, and helps you get a distinct leverage over your competitors. You would also be able to hit harder and fire quicker than any other Nerf products.

The aerodynamic improvement of the ammo also provides more accuracy while you can fire it at 70 miles per hour.

You will also find it easy to carry the magazines around as they are much smaller than any dirt magazine for the Elite.

  1. Powerful and Accurate

You can feel the power when you fire the Range Blasters. It can reach muzzle velocities of up to 100 FPS. Compared to it, the N-Strike Elite lineup offers 70 to 75 FPS.

The range is also improved in the Blaster thanks to use of powerful and durable flywheel motors driven by battery and high-quality springs. You can shoot an Elite ammo 90 feet in the air with help of some breeze.

  1. It is as Safe as You Would Like

The Rival Range Blasters are safer than any other guns out there. It is gentler than paintball or Airsoft and you won’t feel any sting if you are hit. The balls are squishy and don’t even leave a mark on your skin.

In fact, it’s one of the safer Nerf weapons out there and combined with the fact that they are available easily, and offer you a competitive advantage, it’s surely going to be a great buy and a worthwhile Nerf ammunition to store away.

  1. It is More Affordable Than You Would Think

Range Blasters are really affordable and you can buy a reliable gun for less money than a Nerf Elite. It is a good value for money with its improved features.

Get the action started with Rival Range Blasters and feel the difference!