Tooth Ache and Home Remedies

Home remedies for a toothache have existed for decades. Many people have so much believed in the natural remedies for a toothache. The home remedies are the first thing that comes to mind when one has tooth pain and away from the dentist. It turns out to be useful just because one believes it worked for someone else. The reason why many people turn to home remedies for a toothache maybe lack money. Lack of time to meet a dentist due to busy work schedules. Home remedies happen to be the only available solution and cheaper. See more here.

Fear of treatment is another cause to delay dentist visits. The big question is; Do Toothache Home Remedies Work? The answer is no. Toothache home remedies are only useful in numbing the pain. Their effect is short lived thus they do not provide a permanent solution to the tooth. Constant use of home remedy prolongs the delay to a dentist. By the time one decides to see a dentist, the effects are already enormous. The cost of treatment gets even more enormous.

The most used home remedies for a toothache are.

Clove Oil

Clove oil works to numb the pain. Put a few drops of clove oil onto cotton wool. Later it cotton is squeezed to get its content to the aching tooth. Clove oil has eugenol which functions as natural anesthesia. Its anesthetic properties are short-lived though. The use of clove oil for a toothache gets no advocacy. Clove oil can cause pain in the mouth and touch if they have sensitive spots.

Salt Water Treatment

It is the most commonly used remedy for a toothache at home. A solution of salt in water made by stirring. It is useful in cleaning the affected area even in wound care. Saltwater impedes the existence of bacteria in the mouth. It also clears off all the forming pus. For effectiveness, salt water is used twice in a day. One must gurgle the water throughout the mouth for its efficiency. Even though, salt water does not provide a lasting solution to a toothache. Its cure is short-lived. It is, however, the safest method to use even for mouth odors. It pauses no harm to the mouth or tongue.

Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse

Just like salt water, hydrogen peroxide puts off bacteria. However, it is much effective than salt water. It acts to kill the bacteria. For efficient use, dispense an equal amount of hydrogen peroxide in a same amount of water. The mixture is used to rinse through the mouth twice in a day. Hydrogen peroxide protects against gingivitis. Gingivitis is the primary cause of a toothache. Hydrogen peroxide, however, provides a temporal tooth relief effect. The pain comes back after a while. Clinically, the use of hydrogen peroxide is not safe. Its benefits are less compared to the harm it can cause. If accidentally ingested, it causes stomach problems. It also leaves an irritating feel on your mouth. Caution is needed when using hydrogen peroxide.

Home remedies are therefore not the best solution to a toothache. One should strain to get the help of a dentist since the effect of home remedies is short lived.