What to look for in a good day planner

A day planner, allows you to get in control over your life; it acts as a time management tool, increases your productivity and helps you accomplish all your tasks. However, finding the perfect day planner, which addresses all your needs, is not easy. When choosing a day planner, you have to consider what you want, what you need, and key features that you would like to have in your planner.

Let’s look us at some of the key features you should look for in a good day planner but you can also find out more here.

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It’s hard to choose a planner if you don’t really know what you’re going to use it for, where you’re going to use it and how often you need to access it. The two main categories for day planners are a reference and action planners. Examples of reference planners are kitchen binders or blog planners. These planners hold information you need to keep or access during certain tasks is not used often. On the other hand, an action planner are planners that you’re actively writing or flipping through them, checking in with them, in short-the action planners get used every day.

Unlike a reference planner, an action day planner should accommodate specific time frames .i.e. should allow you to plan every day by hour. Tracking date: an action day planner should also contain specific dates for each day. It’s also important that your planner has the year’s calendar.


The size of your planner you choose should be a balance between portability and page space. If it’s just a reference planner, and it stays at home or office, you can have a day planner as big as you want. However, if it’s an action planner, which you carry a book everywhere you go, you must ensure that it’s portable. And by portable, we don’t imply that you go for the tinniest planner. Make sure that the planner is small enough for you to carry around, and yet big enough to accommodate all your entries’ day activities.


This factor is more of personal preference. Are you a person that likes to decorate and personalize your planner? Then you might look for fancy design with more spaces to decorate. Also, if you like a planner that looks pretty without any effort, you would want to choose a pre-designed planner with pretty colors. Also, just like sizes, there’re plenty of binding options to choose from. Some of the common binding options include ring-bound binders, and disc-bound binders, with each binding type having its benefits.

It can be quite challenging for you to remember everything that goes into your life. From your biggest life events such as birthdays, and anniversaries to the tiniest ones such as seeing your dentist for your checkup or paying your monthly bills. And this is why you get a perfect planner today.