Helmets With Dual Visors

If you are in the market for something that can give you added assurances of safety but not be swarmed by the intrusive nature of the sun or wind and other natural elements, a dual visor is a great way to go.

A dual visor can be used in many forms and many dual visors will work differently. Some have two layers that protect you against the sun acting as a sun visor, while the other layer is built to sustain impact.

Fact is, helmets do save lives and are required in almost every state. But we get it, we understand why you don’t like wearing them. They feel intrusive. They aren’t “as cool.” But guess what, today helmets are being made to counter that argument. Find out more here.

Dual visor helmets allow you much more versatility and flexibility. You can convert your helmet as you wish. You can also use them on snowmobiles and other sport vehicles.

This article will look at four different helmets, that feature dual visors in some capacity.


IV2 Dual Visor Modular Helmet

You want a dual visor because it can give you added features and benefits. The IV2 Modular Helmet doesn’t disappoint either.

This one has a flip system, that allows you to experience both a full face protective helmet, while giving the look and freedom of an open face helmet with just one touch.

The 10 port venting system is undeniably and hands down unprecedented. This allows for excellent airflow and an added enjoyable ride.

Customers love how light this helmet is. That’s because it’s made with advanced tech featuring thermoplastic advanced shell technology keeping it light and durable at the same time.

Comfortable and smooth, anti-scratch, affordable.

1Storm Motorcycle Full Face Dual Visor

If you want something light, say hello to the 1Storm Full Face Dual Visor. Weighs only 4 pounds with removable padding making it a simple wash.

To the part you want to know most about, the Dual lens design gives the biker easy and safer access to the road, while the second lens is made primarily for the sun with the easy pop up mechanism, that anyone can do!

The 1Storm comes in six sizes, 11 colors to pick from, with a glossy finish. Add the U.V. protection and aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell, and it’s no wonder this helmet by far exceeds the D.O.T. standards.

1st lens: Inner smoked.

2nd lens: A clear shield.

Hawk H-66 Glossy Black Dual Visor Helmet

Convenience. That’s the theme to the Hawk H-66 dual visor, which offer a quick release, anti scratch, drop down button on the side of the helmet which is where the dual entry comes in. This gives you a sun visor and a smoke tint, while the other is clear and allows you to continue riding as intended.

The one flip system is what makes this nifty. With one flip, you can convert this H-66 Glossy Black Helmet from an open to full face.

Weighs only 5.3 lbs, glove friendly, and has built-in Bluetooth. A solid candidate for top dual visor motorcycle helmet.

ILM Full Face Dual Visor

The  ILM features some impressive options. For starters, it weighs only 4 pounds, so if you love a lightweight helmet, this one is for you. If you love choice, then you’ll love the fact, that ILM gives you ten color options.

It’s an elegant design, that can reduce air flow noise effectively, and reduces the impact of wind to your face. Excellent protection, that has a wide view lens that is anti scratch and anti fog.

A quick release flip up function makes it versatile, while meeting and exceeding the D.O.T. standards. You’ll appreciate the washable and removable cheek pads and helmet liner, in which ILM uses less glue to keep it sanitary and antibacterial.

The Final Verdict

Do you need a dual visor? Well if you do, a simple search will yield some impressive helmets. Anyone of these four helmets that feature dual visor mechanisms will give you added benefits of convenience and safety.

Before picking one out, refer to this list, as each offer something different individually. Dual visors offer you the biker more versatility and diversity to do more with your extreme sport experiences than you could ever do before.