4 Strange Scholarships You Can Actually Apply For

We all have some form of talent, and some of us have stranger talents than the next person. We have compiled a list of five of real, but very weird scholarships that you can apply for today. These courses will all take you on a pretty unique journey, which can involve all sorts of insane work placements;

1. Soybean Ambassador

That’s right, there is somebody required to be the ambassador of the world of soybeans. This is not only extremely hilarious, but this annual course held in Minnesota is created to help you learn about the soybean industry and the issues that affect it. It also helps you develop the methods needed to create a support system for your fellow colleagues in the soybean industry.

2. The Asparagus Club

You read that right – there is a scholarship for learning about asaparagus. This is over 100 years old, and has a surprisingly large following. Affiliated with the National Grocers Association, the main purpose is effectively to try and increase visibility for asparagus and help it become even better than it is at the present. If you like your greens, then why not go for this strangest of scholarships?

3. The National Potato Council

Following on from the club above, this “Council” awards a scholarship of a whopping $10,000 to any honor graduate students who are moving into the Agribusiness world. Agribusiness, of course, plays a huge role in the potato world. As long as you have studies Agronomy, Crop and Soil Sciences or Agricultural Engineering, you are eligible to apply for this comical scholarship!

4. Fire Sprinkler Association

Held every April, this scholarship is based online. To apply, you simply need to complete a 10-question quiz based on a provided essay. As long as you have studied something related to fire sprinklers, you should be able to get involved in this most comical of scholarships. Fire sprinklers, of course, come on when there is a fire and these help save many lives. This may not be quite as odd as the ones listed above, but this is pretty much important – it is just a pretty weird scholarship to go on, right!?