Video Post: Asians And Other Minorities Want Credit For Learning English

Canadian immigrants, about 58% of the immigrant population being Asian per the 2006 census data, have a point – they want the same credit for English as English students would get for English or a foreign language. Bilingual education isn’t a new concept; it’s been around for years. Additionally, the Canadian education system thinks it’s important to learn a foreign language, and the government often demands you know two languages for a job, so why wouldn’t they give credit for English?

So… should Canadian immigrants be given credit for their classes? Some came as refugees and others by choice. Either way, education is important for youth today as this young man says.

There was a lot of conversation around the importance of recognizing our work the same as they recognize the work of other students.

He goes on to say…

It’s important to acknowledge the work…

They want to learn the language, integrate into the culture, and be upstanding citizens… they just want some credit for it. It’s an interesting debate between the clash of two cultures in Canada. There is definitely a lot of food for thought here.