Is Crime Against Asian Americans Going Up Or Down?

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The issue of crime is one that has been talked about a lot recently. In particular, the rise of crimes directed at specific races has left many people distressed. General crime rates, as well as the rates of crimes directed at Asian Americans, are problems that the nation continues to face.

Crime Rates for the General Population

Crime rates for the entire population have been going up across several developed nations, including Canada and the US. Most of the crime rise has come from petty crime such as burglary and theft. However, the rate of violent crimes such as rape and murder has also gone up in each of the most recent decades. This puts Asian Americans at risk as well as other community members. However, one of the most distressing statistics for Asian Americans is the rate of hate crimes directed at this group.

Crimes Directed at Asians

There are several resources that suggest that crimes against Asian Americans is continuing to rise. Hate crimes can be a factor for immigrants from certain parts of Asia. Obama has acknowledged the rise in hate crimes against South Asian Americans in particular. Although efforts are being made across the country to integrate these individuals, crime still continues to happen on a larger volume than the hate crimes directed at many other ethnic groups.

Civil rights organizations are designed to reduce the amount of hate crimes that occur and spread tolerance and cooperation throughout the nation. In some part, their efforts have gained public visibility for the problems that Asian Americans face.

However, hate crimes and crimes directed at Asian Americans still do happen. Here, you can read more about the efforts that are begin made to curb crimes against Asian Americans:

Who to Turn to After an Assault

After an assault, there are a number of key figures who can help relieve the victim and start the process of obtaining justice. A forensic nurse will take care of a patient after a sexual assault. Other disciplines in the field of forensics help catch perpetrators more effectively .

Forensic scientist can examine the DNA and other matter left by a perpetrator, and lawyers and police officers can start the process of persecuting a criminal if there is enough evidence to support an attack.

These resources thankfully exist for Asian Americans who are the victims of crime in the US. Until a more comprehensive solution can be found to the problem of crimes directed at Asian Americans, the resources directed at helping crime victims are one consolation.