Asian American Legal Defense And Education Fund Hosts Annual Lunar Gala

The Asian American Legal Defense And Education Fund (AALDEF) is an association that:

… focuses on critical issues affecting Asian Americans, including immigrant rights, civic participation and voting rights, economic justice for workers, language access to services, Census policy, affirmative action, youth rights and educational equity, housing and environmental justice, and the elimination of anti-Asian violence, police misconduct, and human trafficking.

It’s essentially designed to help protect Asians in America from various types of discrimination. They hold an annual Lunar Gala where they recognize Asian Americans for their excellent contributions to justice and equality of Asians. Everyone from high-level attorneys to paralegals can win the award.

Regardless of their position or respective salary, all Asians are able to ban together through this great association and help advocate for and protect the basic civil rights of Asians in our great country. Their philosophy is that everyone matters; all Asians are important and able to effect change. How much you make isn’t important.. it’s what you do that matters.

Check out the video below for an interesting look into one of these Lunar Galas. Enjoy!

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