What Is an Aerogarden?

Aero garden is an indoor garden with various astonishing planting features. Unlike the outdoor gardens, they are infallible and also dirt free. Aerogardens are simple and easy to work with where one can grow almost anything successfully and without any dirt. It has the ability to grow beautiful gardens for longer than twelve months. Amazingly, the Aerogarden does not require any sort of experience so as to operate. Besides, unlike the natural gardens, they tolerate no weeds and has high chances of success to plants grown. The main difference between Aerogarden and the natural garden is that it communicates. You can know when to irrigate your plants and also when to add nutrients to the plant. Also, the Aerogarden is automatic in that it can control the growth of plants through the inbuilt grow lights. This is possible for the fact that the led light stimulates the sun thus regulating the temperature for healthy plant growth. You can find some great aerogarden info here.

The Procedures of Doing an Aerogarden

So, what is an Aerogarden? Well, according to research, it has the latest strategies of agricultural technology. This enables it to provide a complete, all in one, growing system. As a result, plants are able to grow fast and in the healthiest condition. Aerogarden enables such advantages to plant growth because of factors such as;

Full Spectrum Growth Bulbs

Unlike the plants in the outdoor gardens, the Aerogarden grown plants require no sunlight to grow. Instead, the Aerogarden provides automatically controlled light that is way more effective than the sunlight. The inbuilt led light it comes with enables an effortless optimum growth to all sorts of plants. These lights come in different intervals and can go off or on when required.

Seed Pods

In terms of germination, Aerogarden is much faster than the outdoor gardens. The seed pots are designed to provide numerous essential elements for plant growth whenever feasible. This includes oxygen, nutrients, and water thus, there is a fast growth of plants.


Aerogardens is customizable, a factor that enables one to set it as suitable for the different plant growth. Unlike in soils, it enables a great and excellent blend of nutrients. Besides, it does not provide nutrients at a go. Instead, it balances the level at which they should be provided while at the same time, it alerts you on how and when to add these nutrients to the plants. As a result, the plants are fed appropriately thus a better and healthy growth of plants is achieved.

How to Use the Aerogarden

  • It produces fresh herbs that are best for cooking
  • It is a good strategy for planting seedlings before transferring them to the outdoor garden
  • It can act as a decorative device since it grows colorful flowers that can enhance the appearance of your home.
  • It is like a garden indoors where you can harvest food without having to go outside
  • The Aerogarden produces fresh air within a home or office thus can be used to enhance the air circulation within these premises.

In summary, Aerogarden is more of a simple plant growing tactics that use only air and water. As of now, there are numerous success experiences as with many Aerogarden growers that have proven that it is a reliable plant growing procedure. It only depends on one’s passion, preference and also the growing experience to get it right. So, as a first-timer, consider starting with the medium/ small root plants as you progress to experience the uniqueness of the Aerogarden.