Best Cheap Game Cameras

We are in the 21st century where technology is at its best. Phones and watches have become smart, televisions have advanced, and cameras have not been left behind as well. Today, manufacturers are offering a wide range of cameras highly advanced and expensive to simple and cheap thereby providing products that can excellently meet the needs of all people. You can either purchase a game camera with bells and whistles from HD video recording to email remote, MMS, and SMS properties, or you buy a cheap basic 3-megapixel trail camera that has few features. When talking about cheap, it does not necessarily mean the camera you buy will be bad as there are numerous cheap trail cameras and will serve you excellently. If you don’t want to spend much but you’re interested in a high-quality camera, we are here for you and we have collected a list of best cheap game cameras you can buy and have an amazing experience. Find out more at trail hunting stuff.

Moultrie A-25 | All Purpose Series Camera – $74.99

This camera will definitely give you value for your money and makes the best catch. Even though it comes with downgraded features on the slightly lower end, this compact trail camera will not disappoint as it comes with a resolution of 12 megapixels and excellently captures wildlife or nature images using a low glow infrared flash. It also comes with a picture delay which you can space at 1, 5, 10, or 30 minutes. Another amazing feature with this Moultrie A-25 camera is that it can take footage of the activity of the animals at night or during the day, and will capture videos nicely thanks to the 60 feet night range it comes with. It uses eight AA batteries which will take approximately 17,000 images. Other added features include time, date, and moon phase display, as well as camera ID stamp.

Crenova Trail Camera 0.6s Trigger 16MP 1080P – $119.99

Crenova trail camera comes with a full 1080p recording capability not forgetting a 16MP camera which meets any demand on the field. It is loaded with amazing camera settings that help in maximizing efficiency and quality. It comes with an inbuilt LED IR bank that helps you to excellently capture night footage even those 20m away. However, it’s recommendable to set up your camera half the recommended distance especially when doing night photo shooting as this will maximize results and give you photos that everybody can admire. It’s powered by AA batteries which you can remove without necessarily disassembling the whole unit. Its password enabled meaning that you can lock it and keep the game photos to yourself.

XIKEZAN 1080P HD Trail & Game Camera – $89.99

XIKEZAN 1080P HD Trail & Game Camera is an exceptional programmable camera which gives you an amazing experience without spending much. It comes with a 1080p recording capability and a 12MP camera and an outstanding 2-1.0-second trigger speed that makes it a catch among other cameras. It comes with a low glow infrared flash and can excellently and clearly capture images that are 50-feets away. However, it’s recommendable to set up this feature by dividing the recommendable distance by half as this will give you excellent images. Depending on how long you want to use it, you can either use the camera with four batteries or eight batteries, but keep in mind that the more the batteries the longer you can leave your camera in the wood without the idea of the battery dying crossing your mind.

Final thought

Selecting the best but cheap trail camera is not a walk in the pack because many people have been disappointed after buying cheap cameras that fail to serve them as intended. However, the above list of three best cheap game cameras will not disappoint you. All you need is to order one based on your preferences and once you get it, you’ll be glad you found this informative article and you’ll definitely find the value for your money.