How do Aromatherapy diffusers work

Aromatherapy is an art that almost every home has mastered for mind, soul and body therapies. You can use essential oils in your workplaces, or at home to disperse therapeutic aromas. Different models of diffusers are in the market today, and hence, the number of benefits gotten from diffusers depends entirely on the model you choose. Also, the type of essential oil determines the quality of the scents and the medicinal contents dispensed. Essential oils host many benefits. They are antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. Many homes have used them to purify and refresh the air by dispersing the amazing scents into the atmosphere. There is also a lot more information at my essential remedies

There are different techniques used to introduce the scented air into the rooms. Some diffusers use steam distillation while for others, you have to press for aromatic scents. You can use different dispersing methods or aromatherapy devices for introducing the therapeutic aromas into your places of resident or workplaces. The most renown is the candle, steam, electronic and ultrasonic diffusers. For many, the question remains; How do aromatherapy diffusers work? Hence, below I give various ways the diffusers work.

Steam Diffusers

In steam diffusers, you have to prepare some drops of organic oil. Pour two cups of water in the distiller and boil. To the boiled water, add ten drops of the prepared essential oil extracts into the boiled water. The steam heats the oils causing them to disintegrate and dispense vapors into the room. Using steam diffusers is a convenient way to enliven the room’s air. However, its effects are short-lived since boiled water destroys some of the aromatic molecules of the organic oils.

Candle Diffusers

It is the easiest way of dispersing therapeutic scents into the air. All you must have is a candle and some organic oil extracts. Light the candle and leave it to burn for about five minutes. Extinguish the candle and place a drop of essential oil on the melted wax of the candle at the top. Then, light the candle again and place it at a strategic place of the room where its aromatic effects can be felt throughout the different room. Candles are risky especially if you have kids around. Hence, you have to be careful not when using them as they can cause fires.

Ultrasonic Diffusers

Unlike in other diffusers, ultrasonic diffuser does not use heat to disintegrate the organic oil molecules. It uses vibrations to split the molecules for the aesthetic aromas. All you have to do is switch it on for the vibrations to kick in. It produces a mist of air that has the essential oils. When used in an enclosed area, the aromas travel fast to cover every part of the room. They are therapeutically relaxing and re-energizing to both the body and the mind. Ultrasonic diffusion gets recommended for its safety is paramount. You do not run the risk of fires since it does not use heat. Also, it dispenses quality aromas since no heat gets used. Heat can be destructive to the molecules, hence limiting the number of therapeutic aromas spread.