Cheap and good quality soundbars

Stumbling upon a good, affordable soundbar that is also decent used to be very hard some years back. Today, things have greatly changed. You don’t need to save $300 for a soundbar to get some amazing results. That point is now past us and we are now in a period where affordable does not necessarily mean bad. Here’s a list of some cheap soundbars that are good quality, which you can get for under $100. Each of these models has been proven multiple times, and all of them are packed with a set of healthy features. Let us have a look.


Richsound Research TB220L

This model makes for a superb entry point into the huge soundbars world and can work as something of an entryway drug to the constantly growing home cinema experience. Features include a versatile, sleek form that looks just as good under the television as on the wall, solid streaming, a dynamic, punchy sound quality. The whole gadget feels robust, well made, and more of a quality product compared to what its price tag seems to imply.

TaoTronics TTSK-15

While aesthetics and design don’t certainly the goodness of a soundbar, TaoTronics TTSK-15 is one fine looking model. It is packed with 4 full range drivers with a capacity of delivering definition, as well as healthy volume levels. Anyone who values aesthetics is definitely going to appreciate what TTSK-15 offers. It is able to output more power across a range of audio spectrums than you can expect from soundbars of its size, thanks to the full range drivers in it.

Vizio SB2920C6

The SB2920C6 is a perfect example of the fantastic job that Vizio has done in recent years. Even before unboxing it, you can easily tell that it’s a device that is going to surpass what’s expected of its price tag. The listening experience lives up to your hopes, and the design is entirely gorgeous.