Best pressure washers on the market and why

Best pressure washers

There are different models of presser washers in the market having a price range of about $45 to $550. However, the pressure washers with the highest price should not be assumed to be the best machines on the market. For instance, it will be a waste of money to buy the top range pressure washer for just cleaning outdoor furniture and bicycles- in this case, a machine of about 100 bars will perform these chores just fine. In this article, I will discuss some of the best pressure washers and why their quality outstands among the bunch in the market.


This power washer is 65 lbs., siphon tube, Pneumatic tires, five nozzles, and has a one-to-years warranty. The exceptional thing about this machine is its simplicity regarding its use. The machine is one of the fastest to set up because the connection of its pump is out in the open and is raised higher off the ground which makes it useful especially for people who have trouble bending over. This pressure washer also has the smoothest ride of all the machines in the market enabled by the pneumatic tires. It also has a very flexible hose which enhances the seal of the machine.


This pressure washer is 65 lbs., has an onboard soap tank, flat-free tires, and a three-year warranty. The hose of this machine is the easiest to unroll among all the machines in the market. It lies flat which make it easy to roll up for secure storage. It has a brilliant and straightforward fold-down handle which make it one of the simplest pressure washer to use in the market. This washer is also easy to move from one position to another which is enhanced by its large wheels. The only setback of this machine is that the connection of its pump is placed right at the ground level.


This machine is 6835 lbs., has an onboard-soap tank, flat-free tires, three nozzles, 30-feet hose, and a two-year warranty. The variable idle speed is one of the best features of this machine as it enables the pressure of the washer to be adjusted from 2,000 to 3,100 psi. This machine is also exceptional in that it has a folding handle which stores the gun components and the hose which is a feature not provided by other washers in the market. The one set back of this washer is that its wheels are made up of hard plastic which makes it very difficult to move.


This washer is 75 lbs., has a siphon tube, pneumatic tires, two nozzles, 3,000 psi, and a two-year warranty. It is easy to connect the hoses of this washer because the connections of its pump are out in the open. This machine also enables you to adjust the pressure which is enhanced by an inbuilt pressure regulator in the pump. There is also a chance that you can extend the useful life of this machine for instance by changing the oil because the pump of the machine is not sealed. The only set back of this washer is that it only has two nozzles.