How to Organize Your Tackle Box

When a person is going fishing they are going to bring along a tackle box to keep all of their lures and other items in one place. Often, the tackle box is a mess and there are fishing lures all mixed together. These are some tips for organizing the tackle box and make everything easy to find.


A good tackle box needs several different compartments, and each should be used to store specific items. There should be a section that is used for bait, and a drawer can be used to hold the lures. There should also be specific spots that are dedicated to storing blades, jigs, hooks, sinkers, and other items that are used when fishing.

 Label Everything

It important to have all of the compartments properly labeled. This is a quick and easy way to keep track of where everything is. Most people forget where they put things and the labels will act as quick reminders. This will also allow a person to find things in a matter of seconds and put them back in the right place.

 Keep it Clean

This is very important and another thing that most people forget. Once the tackle box is organized it is important to keep it clean. This will keep it organized and will allow for proper maintenance of the fishing equipment. After a hook or a lure is used, it should be wiped down before being put back in the tackle box. This will help it stay clean as well.

 Organize by Size

Lures and hooks of the same size should be kept together. When a fisherman is looking for something of a specific size, this will make it easier to find. Items should be stored in the correct size compartments. If something is too large to fit in a specific compartment, it should be kept in another area. Some people even take it a step further and organized by color and by hardness. This can be helpful as well.


The lures, hooks, and other forms of bait that are used often should be kept in a part of the tackle box that is easy to access. This will make them easy to get to and there will be no need to move the other items around. While it is a good idea to have some tools for the unexpected, they can be stored in another part of the box where they are out of the way.

 Get the Correct Size

When picking a tackle box, it is important to find one that is the correct size. If a person is on the water often or if they fish from a boat, they are going to need one that is easy to transport. For the casual fisher, a smaller sized tackle box may be fine.

These are some tips on how to keep the tackle box organized. When a person is fishing, and they need something quickly, they will be able to find it without a problem in the well-kept tackle box.