How many strings does a guitar have

Guitars play major roles in various music types from blues and country music to the rock and jazz genre of music. Be it the playing is a progression of power cords, classical notes run or even solo searing of the guitar, everybody loves music played alongside a guitar. People love guitars that much to an extent of playing guitars on air when no watch is watching. Also, there are video games which have songs and you will find yourself wanting to play with a controller similar to a guitar. Find out more here.

Playing the guitar is so easy but it requires mastering of the skill and much practice so as to master the putting fingers art in the guitar’s right place as you strum those strings to produce the amazing sounds. The big question is, how many strings does a guitar have?

How many strings does a guitar have?

Standard electric or acoustic guitars have six strings while the electric or acoustic bass guitar has 4 strings traditionally. The market has other guitars which neither have four strings nor six strings but rather have more strings though not as common. The standard known number of strings which a guitar can have is six strings. The six strings are EADGBE standard tuning with the bass guitars four strings namely; EADG. There are also other guitars with 12 strings but their tuning is similar to the tuning of the standard 6 strings guitar. However, the 12 stringed guitars produce sound melody more rich in tone.

Other guitar strings

Apart from the 4 and 6 stringed guitars, there are other many stringed guitars which include:

  • 12 strings – has six courses each of double strings
  • 8 and 7 strings – come with set additional bass strings and are most likely used for metal rock type of music to produce a very low tone. Also, some jazz musicians use them for more complex bass lines and chord-forms.
  • Tenor 4 strings – these were commonly used in the 30s and 20s and since then have not revived.
  • 9 strings – this arrangement resembles the 12 strings with the treble strings paired doubly and bass strings each single
  • Harp guitars – these are guitars fitted with many strings but you only use 6 strings with the others made for resonation with the other strings.

Stringed instruments still being used today are believed to have been in use about a thousand years ago. Historians state that the guitar could have originated from Spain back in 1500s. The traditional guitars of those times had only 4 strings. With people growing the skill and enhancing it, a fifth string was later added and so on more strings were added. The more the strings a guitar has, the more the notes to be played. The sixth string is believed to have been introduced in 1700 for expansion of the guitar range. The 6 stringed guitars are the standard known guitar apparently and most people love it today. However, musicians’ even after the 6th string introduction went ahead and experimented having more strings with the world today featuring all types of guitars with as many strings as desired.