Basic Parts of Water Filter Pitchers

Wondering what are the basic parts of water filter pitchers?

Water filtration is a major concern for every household irrespective of their geographical location.

You simply cannot go even one day without purified water. Hydration is essential for the human body, and if you have dirty, unfiltered water to meet the need, you will end up falling very sick. The water filter market is seeing the development of new technologies every day because nobody wants to spend a large chunk of their time in front of a water filter.

Water filter pitchers are an extremely convenient option for all those who are pressed for time. All you need to do is pour the water in, and then let the filters do their job. If you are not acquainted with the basic working of a water filter pitcher, then this article for you. Click here for more.

What is a Water Filter Pitcher Made Of?

So, you know now that you need water filter pitchers but ever wondered what makes these up? The following are the most important parts of these pitchers.

The Lid:

It is the first thing that you would see. Ideally, you would want to eliminate the chances of your bare hands coming in contact with the water. A pour through lid will allow you to distribute the water with minimum hassle. In fact, most companies are experimenting with the kind of lids that work best for the consumer. For example, a lift-off lid will give you better access to the upper reservoir.


When you are handling a water pitcher, you must be careful not to spill the water everywhere. Most of these filters come with soft grip handles that will provide your hand with extra comfort when you are dealing with pitchers of a larger capacity. Do not forget to try out the grips once before you purchase a pitcher.

The Filters:

Undoubtedly the most important of a water filter pitcher, the filters will determine how clean your water is. You should check out the design and efficiency of a filter before investing your money into it. The filters are specially designed to remove all kinds of industrial and domestic contaminants from the water.

Moreover, they do not allow any percolation of the filtrate into the clean water. When buying a water filter pitcher, do check how these filters stack up; you need one that is able to filter properly. In fact, it is what makes one water filter pitcher better than another.

For instance, you would find that some pitchers come with a meter which alerts you when you need to change the filter.

The Body:

You must examine the body of the water filter pitcher which will hold the water. Companies try to make the design as ergonomic and convenient as possible. Even the basic shape of the pitcher can make a difference to the filtration process. A soft base prevents accidental scratches.

Are you thinking of getting yourself a pitcher? It might just be among your best investments yet.