Which Meat Smoker Is Better: Electric Or Gas

Electric or Gas Meat Smoker

Anyone that is a barbecue cooking lover may love the taste of smoked food, but the cleanup with traditional smokers can be tedious. Gas and electrical meat smokers are a new alternative that makes smoking something attainable for any chef, whether a pro or new to the scene. Using gas or electric smokers means you get perfect results every time, without the guess work! Which meat smoker is better: electric vs gas smoker? consider the following point to help you decide.

Ease of use and maintenance

Outdoor smokers running on gas are relatively easy to use and maintain. A common question that people ask is that will a gas powered smoker produce that perfect smoked flavor? The answer is yes! You have to be a little crafty, but you’ll get it right. Moreover, such smokers are easy to clean as well.
Then there’s the option of electric outdoor smokers. They happen to be very clean and easy to use. You won’t have too much trouble operating them and their start up time is extremely efficient. The only problem arises when you have a party planned, and it starts to rain!

Size of the smoker

While selecting the perfect outdoor smoker, you should consider its size. Select the ideal size that can easily fit in your available space and still manage to smoke sufficient amount of food as per your requirements. In this case, gas meat smokers are large compared to electric smokers.

Ease of operation

Another factor to consider is the ease with which a smoker operates. Different types of outdoor smokers require different time to start up and maintain the desired temperature. In this regard, the electrical smoker wins the race since it is the easiest regarding the operation. All you have to ensure is setting the temperature and then leave it to do the magic. This allows you to cater to guests or simply spend more time with your loved ones while technology takes care of the work. If you have an outdoor smoker running on gas, then you have to pay a little more attention to it while cooking.

Style and model

Fired smokers are available in two styles. The first is a propane fired gas smoker, which is simple for those who want to have a portable unit. The propane tank attaches easily to the smoker.
Gas smokers are also available in models that use natural gas. This is a perfect choice for those who have an outdoor kitchen with a natural gas supply. This is easy because the fuel supply is constantly attached.On the other hand, electric meat smokers are available in different styles but can only use electricity as a source of heat.

Ease of temperature regulation

Using a gas smoker is fool proof, and you can still create unique flavors with wood chips in the water pan – while not worrying about burning food. The ease of temperature regulation makes it a simple solution to cooking. Though electric meat smokers are convenient in temperature regulation, there is no chance to use wood chips to add flavor.