Battery Operated Versus Electricity Powered Knives

Electric Knives

Electric knives have become a staple in many modern kitchens. Many campers and fishers prefer using the electric knife. A good powerful electric knife will make your carving work quite easy and less physical energy. This helpful kitchen appliance will do a lot of work for you. This will enable you to prepare your meals easier and faster. Quite a number of the electric knives are made of removable blades. This makes it easier for maintenance.


Another wonderful thing about these knives is some can be plug into standard outlet or powered by the batteries. Most of these electric knives have removable blades, which makes the maintenance work easier. Typically, the handle and the blade are two different pieces. Some manufacturers offer different blades like that of bread and carving blade for meat. You will find the motor in the handle, which transfers the cutting power to blade itself. Here is some of the amazing comparison of battery operated versus electric powered knives. Wireless knives get their power from the batteries and the wired electric gets power from a wall outlet.

  • Cord versus cordless, Key thing between this two electric kitchen device is the power and portability. The only hassle with the cordless is when the battery goes off. Some times when battery begins to run low, the knife will not cut because of the power. Therefore, the one that you will plug in the cord will sustain you during the cutting. The other thing about the cord is you will have limited movement. Nevertheless, there are those models that switch cord and cordless mode.
  • Battery life and cord length: when you choose not to go for the cord, it is important to know the life of the battery. It can be very embarrassing to remove your knife, just to find out the battery has no power. If you decide to purchase the one with the cord, make sure the cord is long enough to serve you well.
  • Handle: In both cases, for the cord and cordless, it is important to purchase the one with ergonomic handle. The one with good handle will be convenient to your hand when using. Additionally, a good handle will reduce the chances of you cutting down your finger. Consider an electric knife, which has switch next to the handle for safe and easy operation.

Examples of battery operated and electricity powered

Rapala heavy-duty electric fillet knife

This electric powered knife cuts fish like a very hot knife through the butter. It has been rated as the best fish fillet knife in the market. It will slice the fish bones easily. It also works very well in cutting the beef, pork, lamb, or chicken. It has a 7.5-inch reciprocating blade plus 8-foot cord.

  • 110 volts
  • 1-year warranty
  • Corded
  • 7.5-inch blade

Rapala lithium ion cordless fillet knife

This is a cordless electric knife powered by the battery. The battery is capable of running for 80 minutes. It can go for less than 2 hours for full charge. Even when the battery is low, you will still get more power from the motor.

  • The 7-inch blade
  • 110 volts
  • Cordless
  • 1-year warranty

Bottom Line

Consider going for the one you can easily afford and maintain. Read the manufacturers instruction before using it.