How to correctly set your child’s bike seat and handlebars

How to correctly set your child's bike seat and handlebars

It sounds unfair of any parent to fail to set for their child the bike seat and the handlebars after buying the bike for that given child. Your child cannot know how to do something unless you first train him or her. This means that to start, you will have to do it for him or her. Here is the guide for you on how to set the seat and the handlebars kids in wheels. First, you will have to ask the child to sit on the bike with his or her feet on the pedal while at the same […]

The Top Benefits of Rival Range Blasters

The Top Benefits of Rival Range Blasters

Wondering why you should get hold of a Rival range blaster? If you or your kid love playing Nerf battled and are wondering about the Nerf weapons you could add to your collection, the Rival Range Blaster is one of the better options out there. About the Rival Range Blaster If you have been waiting to add a new level to your Nerf battles, then we have something for you. Aimed at adult enthusiasts of over 14 years, the Rival Range Blasters deliver a realistic experience with its better engineering and powerful shooting. Are you wondering what makes them so […]