Best hair straightener brands

Are you looking for hair straightener? And maybe wondering which brand is the best for you? There are many hair straightener manufacturers that offer different brands which can confuse you when you want to buy one. Every manufacturer claims to provide the best hair straightener, but the reality is that not all can work well for you. You need necessary information to guide you when going to buy the hair straightener. When you know the brands available in the market earlier, it helps you to making decision early enough so that you don’t end up buying a mediocre brand. Getting the best brand depends on what you expect and your taste or preference which vary from one person to another. Here are some of the best hair straightener brands you will find in the market.


5. Babyliss Pro

The Babyliss pro is among the famous and is very common in salons and also in the beauty stores. Babyliss pro features ceramic and titanium plates with a Ryton housing that offer maximum heating making it easy to straighten hair with a short time. You can bet to get best services especially if you have curly or thick hair and can also be the best for short hair. The brand is also not large in size thus making it easy to carry when travelling. Babyliss pro prices range from $60 to above $100 depending on where you buy the product.

4. Conair

Another hair straightener brand is Conair and has been providing the product for many years now making the brand very common and famous in the cosmetic industry. The brand offers consumer grade products and not professional making it a user friendly item. You will not need any unique skills to use the Conair hair straightener, you only need to purchase and follow simple guide and you are in a position to use effectively. The Conair brand may not serve you forever especially when you straighten your hair on daily basis, but the brand come in units so that you don’t always go to buy one piece. The Conair hair straightener brand goes for around $40.

3. HSI

The company offer excellent hair straighteners and is very hard miss the products in your local salon or beauty shop. HSI unlike other hair straightener companies which specialize in one specific brand it overlaps by providing consumer level products as well as professional. The brand has some products with excellent rating in the market and others are not that impressive to the customers. High HSI hair straighteners go for not less than $100, and the mid-range products sell for $40 to $80.

2. Remington

The Remington products are very common in cosmetic stores and the company has a good ratings in the market for providing quality consumer level hair straighteners. Majority of customers prefer consumer level products since are easy to use which Remington delivers thus resulting in high ratings. The company offers various hair straighteners, and all are good for more than casual use. The Remington products will serve you well though not for many years, but you can always buy since they are not that expensive.

1. Croc

The company provides professional hair straighteners, and the company has been in existence for many years now. The brands come in different shapes, sizes, and materials and are very comfortable to hold in your hand. Croc hair straighteners are available from $75 depending on the type, shape, size, and material of the product you want to buy.