How to Choose a Travel Crib

It can be tough taking a baby along on a family vacation. There are certain things you need to pack to prepare for your trip. Normally children under the age of two do not need much except some basic essentials and it would be unnecessary to pack a lot of things that would make your travel luggage heavier. For instance, you would need to know how to choose a travel crib that would fit your babies needs and other gears that make the movement of your child easy during travel. Travel cribs provide comfort for your child by giving them a good sleeping environment even when they are not home. They also provide a safe playhouse for your baby so they don’t hurt themselves.

It is important to note, however, that there two types of baby cribs. The full feature crib and the basic travel crib. The full feature crib usually comes with a changing table and storage pockets to keep the child’s essentials. This type of travel crib is normally heavy because of the extra play yard feature. The basic travel crib is lighter than the full feature and it comes in a more portable design. It is easier to carry during travel and also easy to set up. This type of crib usually comes with a comfortable mattress to provide the child with a comfortable sleep. Unlike the full feature crib, the basic crib doesn’t come with a changing table.

When choosing a travel crib, there are certain things you need to put in mind:

It should be safe for the child:

When buying a travel crib, you should get one that is made of comfortable materials that are non-toxic to babies. The crib should be safe and made of inflammable materials. Most materials made for children are often treated with chemical flame retardants which are harmful to children. So it is advisable to purchase children’s products that are made from OEKO-TEX materials.

Easy to carry around

When choosing a travel crib, you need to consider the weight you would be adding to your travel luggage. For air travel, you would need a lighter crib that would be easy to carry around.

A crib that is easy to set up

Another thing to consider is the time it takes to set up a crib. A crib that isn’t complicated to set up is usually what most people prefer to use. There are some cribs that come with simple features like unfold and lock which makes it easy to use during travel.

The cost of the crib

If you want a full feature crib, you may need to invest a little more to get it. The basic crib is usually less expensive than the full feature crib. If you are on a budget, you need to consider the type of crib that would suit the needs of your baby when you travel.

It can be very difficult deciding on what travel crib you want to get but no matter what choice you make, it is important that you consider the safety of your child.