How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Technology has revolutionized the cycling industry completely. Nowadays we have smart motorbikes and a wide array of smart bike accessories such as Bluetooth helmets, airbag jackets, motorbike dash cams and so on. Bluetooth helmets not only provide safety to riders, but they also enable riders to stay connected to each other while on the journey. Smart airbag jackets, on the other hand, help protect people who ride motorbikes from injuries upon impact whereas bike dash cameras enable them to capture a riding experience. The cams also help riders record a video, which can be used as evidence in the event of a crash. As you can see, these technology bike accessories make cycling a better, safer and more exciting experience.


Bluetooth helmets arguably remain the most popular smart bike accessories. They are very popular among riders more than any other accessories out there due to particular reasons. Consequently, there is a wide range of Bluetooth helmets on the market, varying significantly. Knowing how to choose the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is therefore vital if you are shopping for something that will give you the best bang for your buck. Here is how to select the right helmet; Find out more about modular Bluetooth motorcycle helmets here.

1. Consider the Number of Riders You will be Riding Alongside

When it comes to choosing a Bluetooth helmet that will best suit you, there are a number of things you need to take into account. The first one is the number of riders you would like to stay connected to on the road. Different helmets let you connect to the different number of riders. For instance, some will allow you to connect to a maximum of 4 people whereas others will let you connect to 10 riders maximum. Therefore, count your riding buddies before you go shopping.

2. Look for the Voice Prompt Feature

The right Bluetooth helmet should enable you to communicate with other riders and navigate directions hands-free and without struggling to read your GPS. However, not all Bluetooth helmets, especially the poor quality ones will provide these amazing capabilities. Some helmets need to be manually set to perform these tasks, which is a huge disadvantage. Look for a helmet that has a voice prompt feature that allows it to perform tasks simply by taking your voice commands.

3. Look at the Sound Quality

Bluetooth helmets come with different sound qualities and that’s a fact. Some helmets feature poor sound quality with fewer capabilities whereas others offer great audio with more added features. Choose a helmet that offers crisp as well as clean audio anytime. Make sure it’s able to cancel noise and generate quality audio no matter the prevailing conditions.


Bluetooth motorbike helmets come in different shapes and sizes and they vary significantly in terms of quality and features. Some helmets are poor in quality and offer very little value to the rider whereas others are great in quality and offer very many benefits to the user. Knowing how to choose the best helmet is the best way to ensure you will get the best bang for your buck from a helmet.