Asian American Heritage Month

The Most Common Dog Breeds in Asia

The Most Common Dog Breeds in Asia

You may take your pet dog for granted, but dogs have a long history as human companions and working partners. Domesticated dogs have been bred for specific traits, far removed from their wolf ancestry. Evolutionary scientists have been able to trace the roots of different dog breeds and the results have been surprising. Dogs were domesticated in Asia long before dogs were domesticated in America and some of the oldest breeds of dogs primarily originate from Asia. DNA research has found that many dogs in America actually have ancestry which originates from Asia. More dogs were found to have genetic […]

Do Asians Have the Swag to Teach the Cool Kids?

Do Asians Have the Swag to Teach the Cool Kids?

In today’s rapidly evolving, technological, and pluralistic society good educators are more important than ever before.  At the front lines of those educators are the high school teachers, particularly those teaching in public schools.  They are responsible for molding the futures of impressionable teens who struggle with their identity, their self-esteem, unrealistic expectations set by the media or their parents, and trying family or social circumstances. They are responsible for teaching academic lessons and life skills that their students can then apply in the workforce or in furthering their education.  As a result, teachers are typically required to possess a […]

Is Crime Against Asian Americans Going Up Or Down?

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The issue of crime is one that has been talked about a lot recently. In particular, the rise of crimes directed at specific races has left many people distressed. General crime rates, as well as the rates of crimes directed at Asian Americans, are problems that the nation continues to face. Crime Rates for the General Population Crime rates for the entire population have been going up across several developed nations, including Canada and the US. Most of the crime rise has come from petty crime such as burglary and theft. However, the rate of violent crimes such as rape […]

BD Wong: America’s Favorite SVU, Law And Order Actor

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B.D. Wong was born on October 24, 1960 and raised in San Francisco, California, where he graduated from San Francisco State University and eventually moved to New York, where you found incredible success In one of his most well known roles BD Wong plays a doctor with a criminal justice twist in a special unit of law enforcement (Law and Order SVU) as Dr. George Huang. He actually plays a forensic psychologist; a psychologist specializing in crimes and criminal justice and he performed the part perfectly, somehow perfectly combining compassionate with an analytic perspective. Wong has said that he remained […]

The Playing Field is Already Leveled – Asian American Success Rates

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The subject of Asian American success in education seems almost taboo these days. It keeps coming up in one form or another; books, social media and on the news. These kids are given the same opportunities and go through the same school system as all other kids in the US, but consistently come out ahead on testing and college applications. Where is this success coming from? It can be said that United States education doesn’t compare to academics in other industrialized parts of the world, including parts of Asia. Teachers in the United States go through educational programs and training, […]

Asians Thriving In South America, Growing In Numbers

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Picture credit can be found here. Latin America’s overall performance in the midst of the economic crisis led to a coming of age for many of its regions, almost as much as it did in Asia. For the greater part of the 20th century, Latin America was looked at as an economic backwater but those days are over and now it’s getting the attention it deserves. Interesting facts about Brazil, one of South America’s most popular cities, is seen as an important force of its own. Although Asians (predominately Chinese, Korean and Japanese) don’t make up a large percentage of […]

Are Asian Americans Still Under-represented In Leadership Positions?

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The short answer, yes. They are. However, it isn’t all doom-and-gloom. Progress is being made, and we are happy to report not only the bad, but the good that comes along with it. First, let’s take a look at the numbers. Asian Americans have consistently scored higher on placement tests as well as dominate almost every single statistics-based metric that we have in higher education. However, in spite of this, they are under-represented in top leadership positions as well as big law firms when compared with their makeup of the general US population. Let’s address a few stereotypes that follow […]